Wednesday, May 19, 2010

GOODBYE CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE WILL MISS YOU!!!!!!!

Well looks like were leaving from are beautiful adventure here in China. We will be leaving in about a week we just need to pack it all up and hop on that air plane. But we still have some time to kill here in China till the plane leaves. Were going to be helping people still then head up to the great wall and say goodbye right befor we head to the airport. It has been a good trip here , I think we will come back maybe next year. But I realy want to still travel around the world and suff. WOW I'm realy gonna miss the Chinese food. It tastes the best here you know? Oh and pebbles and bam-bam are ok. It's just that pebbles injured her paw so were going to be helping her a lot till she gets better. Well got to go pack up some stuff so I can be done with that.


Bye Bye China

well china for us is now coming to an end. China is getting to crazy for me!!!!!!! So now we are going to California. It was fun but after this earthquake im not so sure its safe for any of us. We're not leaving right now but we're leaving like in a week. Well all the adventures we went on was awesome and i loved it!!!!!!!!!! Me and pebbles will always remember the times we had here. Just imagine!!!!! We met Obama!!!!!! China is truly lucky some what. Well thanks for listenig to my trip. i hope i etertaied you. Bye bye China.

P.S pebbles is fine so we'll see how it goes from there!!!! thank you guys!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

China after Earthquake

hey it's Jasmine. That earthquake was very scary!!!!!! Everyone was screaming and a lot of people are still missing!!!!!! Me and alejandra are fine except for that big buiding that fell on us!!!!!! It was so bad that the army came and even the president came. Since it's our job to explore and save people thats what we did!!!!!! I'm just glad my family is okay!!!!!! I'm gonna go and try to call my folks!!!!!! the service is crashed!!!!!!!

p.s pebbles and bam bam are okay but pebbles injured her paw!!!!!!!! I'm trying to help her so much!!!!!!!

i'll get back to you bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Thursday, April 29, 2010

WOW!!!!!!What an earthquake!

Hey it's Alexandra.That was one crazy earthquake! I'm still in shock from that after shock, haha wow. Jasmine is alright. WAIT, what about Pebbles and Bam Bam!?! PEBBLES,BAMBAM, BARK ONCE IF YOUR OK! "RUFF,RUFF" said the little dogs. Wait are you ok because you barked twice. "RUFF" they barked again. Oh ok, good your ok then. A lot of people got hurt out there. Its was tragic. Well got to go back and help, BYE!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Hi everybody, your not going to guess what just happened! Well you could probly guess from the title of this post, but whatever. So an earthquake just happened and we are freaking out over here!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok I need to calm down... alright I'm fine. I wonder how big that earthquake was, you dont get these in California!!!!!!! "Hey Jasmine, can you turn on the news, I wanna see how big of an earthquake that was?"I said "Okay um, the earthquake was a 8.9 and I can hear people screaming outside." "I'm going to go check out if anyone needs help." said Jasmine. " Alright all come with. So later guys I gotta go , I'll post when I get a chance. BYE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Most Scariest Thing That Just Happen!! :( (jasmine)

hey everyone it's me jasmine. i just got back from the great wall of china and it was awe....oh my right now we're a expiriencing a big earthquake. we have to go under a .... ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( i'll be right back...... alex!!!!!im under a table and the earthquake is over. there are many aftershocks but alejandra and me are fine. everything is horrible. a lot of buildings distroyed and people missing. it was the most scariest thing ever. another building crashed into our hotel. many pieces and people are gone. me and alejandra aere going to check more things out and we'll get back to you with the news. alejandra will probly get back to. right now china had an earthquake and it is not fun or funny. talk to you later bye. :o

If you wan to know more about this earthquake turn on your local news and find out more. Thank you.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Were in China!!!!!!! (Great Wall of China)

hey it's Jasmine. Me and alejandra are in china now. We wanted to go to the hotel when we got here but we decided why waist time. So we went to the Great Wall of China. this wall is so huge. When i saw it i was in shock! The walll was huge!!!! What i really liked about it was that a lot of people go there. Since there are a lot of people there are a lot of things going on. People walk there and you see theae little kids running around having a good time. I heard that the wall was going to be torn down. I still wounder that if there was an erthquake it would collapse. If it did then that would be a lot of damage. well we are gonna go to dinner. Time to experience the tasty meal i've been waiting for. Bye!!!!!